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Diskeeper Corporation Field Test Program - Get in on the Action!

by Michael 31. October 2008 13:33
As a field test site, you would have the opportunity to test and provide input on the software before it's released publicly. The only prerequisite is that you need to be a Diskeeper customer. Become a tester now! Simply fill-out a Non-Disclosure Agreement and send it to our Field Test Administrator. To Download a Diskeeper Non-Disclosure Agreement click the link here. Fax or email (scanned in image) the signed NDA to: Fax: 818-252-5514 Attn: Field Test Administrator Email: If you have any further questions, please email or contact us by phone at 818-771-1600 x1506. Thank you in advance for your help and cooperation. Respectfully, Al Montoya Field Test Administrator Diskeeper Corporation (818) 771-1600 ask for Field Test Department Email:


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Insight into 09

by Michael 17. October 2008 14:13
Eric Lundquist of eWEEK is well known for pushing past the mainstream hype of new technology and bringing the reality of what companies are, or need to be, doing today. I found his insight into 2009 quite spot on, you can read it here. On his third point: squeezing every last drop out of what you've got is perhaps the most realistic estimate of what IT will be challenged with. Recessions, down-turns or whatever you want to call it, cause IT departments to re-evaluate their operations and focus on "lean" processes - More value with less work.




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