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Indistinguishable from Magic!

by Michael 14. December 2008 11:45

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." - Arthur C. Clarke

That "magic" is what our advertising team likes to embellish when describing InvisiTasking - please forgive them their marketing indulgences. :-)

Speaking of Arthur C. Clarke, many know he was actively involved in scientific research projects such as SETI. For those of you running SETI@home or similar (Folding@home, GIMPS, etc...) the new enhancements in InvisiTasking, included in Diskeeper 2009, allow it to work seamlessly with these idle-resource volunteer computing applications. See an earlier blog for some background. No adjustments, with either program, are now needed to run these two types of programs together. You can volunteer your unused PC resources for a good cause here.

While InvisiTasking performed extremely well on very busy servers, see this white paper, the improvements to InvisiTasking now allow defragmentation on even the most heavily used 24/7/365 server systems.

In a nutshell, InvisiTasking has been enhanced to leverage those idle resources more effectively, while still maintaining that invisibility that has revolutionized defragmentation technology.



HyperFast is also here!

by Michael 2. December 2008 11:47

Released side-by-side with Diskeeper today is the new product - HyperFast. HyperFast is the first ever file system based solution designed specifically to optimize NAND Flash devices.

Most NAND Flash storage drives suffer from a different kind of fragmentation than what many are accustomed to. They do not experience the same file fragmentation read delays of traditional platter disks, except in extreme circumstances. Most NAND Flash drives do suffer write penalties that are exacerbated over time by badly fragmented free space.

The new Solid State Drives (SSDs) are based on NAND Flash technology and will degrade over time as free space gets chopped up across the device. You may have heard that you should not "defrag" Flash drives. This is largely true, given the traditional definition of defragmentation as "file defragmentation". That traditional approach would also create excess and unnecessary write activity on these devices (that does not return benefit as it would a HDD), potentially wearing them out faster.

The purpose of HyperFast is optimization of free space to keep file writes at peak "out of box" performance levels. Its design considers both performance and longevity, increasing both through intelligent organization of data on these drives. It addresses the needs of Flash drives without the negative aspects of traditional file defragmenters specifically designed to improve HDD performance.

While HyperFast can improve all portable Flash drives, like the common USB attached thumb/jump drives or Memory Stick/SD card, these storage devices are unlikely, depending on use of course, to accumulate fragmented free space to a significant enough degree. An occasional defrag with Diskeeper, once or twice a year, will likely be sufficient, as Diskeeper will thoroughly consolidate free space. Where HyperFast is needed is when an SSD is used as the primary drive on a Windows computer (e.g. a new laptop). Windows will create serious free space fragmentation on a "C:" drive in a matter of months.

HyperFast is currently available as an add-on (bundled product) option to any edition of Diskeeper 2009, except HomeServer. The Diskeeper 2009 (Home/Professional/Pro Premier) with HyperFast bundle will automatically detect any Flash-based drive and apply HyperFast. If a Hard Disk Drive is detected, an automatic process as well, Diskeeper will be run.

If you do not add HyperFast, Diskeeper 2009 will still detect Flash-based storage and disable Diskeeper defragmentation, by default. You can then choose to enable it - as needed (i.e. for that once a year defrag/cleanup).

The result of this tightly integrated bundle of Diskeeper and HyperFast is a fully automated performance solution without having to manually figure out what solution to run on a given volume. That becomes increasingly valuable if you are deploying Diskeeper and HyperFast to multiple computers, as in a network.

You can get 30-day trialware in the same place you get Diskeeper trialware.

HyperFast is currently only available as a bundle option with Diskeeper. A standalone HyperFast product will be available early next year.



Diskeeper 2009 is Here!

by Michael 1. December 2008 11:47

Diskeeper 2009 has just been released. Here's a quick overview of major highlights:

NEW! Titan Defrag Engine is the most powerful defragmentation engine ever built. Starting at 100 GB, it easily handles files fragmented into millions of pieces and volumes up to 20TB and more (available in EnterpriseServer edition).

IMPROVED! InvisiTasking technology enables management-free defragmentation with zero management overhead and zero system overhead. Now improved for busy systems. Having to schedule defrag runs is now a thing of the past. (all editions)

NEW I-FAAST 2.0 (Intelligent File Access Acceleration Sequencing Technology) boosts access speed for the files most frequently used. Now also available in Professional edition.

NEW! MOM integration. Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) allows monitoring and management of computers interconnected by networks. Diskeeper provides MOM with numerous alerts, reports and the ability to manage and control product settings and configurations. (all editions except Home). Management Packs available with Diskeeper Administrator.
*Full Systems Center Operations Manager (SCOM) support will be available later this month.

NEW! Powerful, high-end file storage performance (file servers, NAS RAID, SAN). Terabyte Volume Engine 2.0 defragments volumes with hundreds of thousands to millions of files quickly and thoroughly. Now available in Pro Premier, HomeServer and Server editions.

NEW! Free Space Defragmentation Engine has been enhanced to increase file-write performance. (all editions)

IMPROVED! 100% fail-over support for Windows clustered servers. (Server editions)

NEW! Support for native 64-bit operating systems. Now available in Home edition.

NEW! Automatic Defrag Management. "Bind" Diskeeper policies in Diskeeper Administrator to select computer groups (such as Active Directory Organizational Units). As you add or remove computers to and from those Active Directory groups, your Diskeeper software, settings and licenses will be automatically applied/returned.

IMPROVED! Enterprise Network Support. Diskeeper Administrator support 5-10x faster network scans, powerful new search functionality and numerous additional functionality designed for administrators of business networks.

In addition to English, Diskeeper 2009 is available in Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and now also in Russian.

It also installs and works great on Windows 7.

Over the next few weeks I'll go into detail on some of the new features/functions.




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