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Field Test Sites Running Hyper-V Needed

by Michael 12. March 2009 10:19

We're looking for some current Diskeeper customers that are interested in getting a first look at a new technology for Microsoft's Hyper-V platform. Testing will start in a few weeks and we have a few openings left that we need to fill.

If you are using Hyper-V and are interested and able to test on it, simply fill-out a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) located here.

Fax the signed NDA to:
Fax: 818-252-5514

Please add the following to the Fax cover page:
Attn: Field Test Administrator/Hyper-V Field Test

Alternatively you can email the signed NDA (scan in the pages with your signature) to our Field Test administrator. Please add "Hyper-V Field Test" in the subject line.



Quick turnaround from Kaspersky

by Michael 11. March 2009 10:16

Kaspersky Anti-Virus is reporting a false alarm (known as a False Positive in software security terminology) on Diskeeper downloads as of late yesterday. If you tried to download our software (Diskeeper) from our website, it triggered a "Trojan" alert in Kaspersky.

The issue was reported to Kaspersky yesterday and they verified Diskeeper was clean (no viruses) and rapidly released and update to their software to correct this. By early this morning they reported that the problem has been fixed and that customers should update their Kaspersky AV software.

Our QA team has verified this fix works, but recommend users of Kaspersky AV reboot their systems after updating and prior to downloading Diskeeper. If you do not reboot, you won't get that "Alert" message, but we found that you will still get a "Warning" about the Diskeeper download, so please reboot if possible.

Thanks to the team at Kaspersky for such a quick turnaround!



Undelete for Windows Home Server update

by Michael 9. March 2009 10:13

We're planning to release Undelete HomeServer edition in mid to late April. It will be specifically made for the Windows Home Server (WHS) operating system.

The price will probably be around $59 and include an Undelete license for WHS and also 10 Undelete Desktop Client licenses for your home-network PCs/laptops. Installing the Desktop Client on PCs provides you connectivity to the Undelete product on the Home Server so you can view and recover files remotely.

I've been using Undelete on my WHS system for over a year (the standard Undelete Server product works on WHS but is too pricey for home use at $499). To release the product for WHS we need to offer a better installation, documentation, and make minor adjustments to a few features.

You can read a review about using Undelete on WHS here.



Diskeeper is on Twitter

by Michael 5. March 2009 06:50

As of last Friday, Diskeeper Corporation is now on Twitter -

This will be a good place to hear about new events (releases, etc...).

It's being run by our Channel Managers so the focus will be on activities, information, and opportunities for VARs, MSPs, partners, distributors, and resellers in general.

Another Diskeeper Corporation Twitter account will promote special offers:




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