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You CAN have your cake and eat it too

by Michael 30. October 2009 10:39

Diskeeper 2010 RTM'ed (Release To Manufacturing) earlier this week, so we celebrated with cake; a Diskeeper cake in the image of the new DVD case that is. 




Have You Implemented A SAN Solution For Your Clients?

by Anthony 28. October 2009 04:37

Have you added or thought about adding a SAN solution to your customer’s existing systems? Read the following from a recent white paper:

“SAN defragmenting offers an alternative to costly hardware costs incurred by adding drives. Why? While SANs offer extremely efficient and high-performing data storage, it is not their job to address file system-level fragmentation. No matter how efficient data retrieval can be, and how much physical disk limitations can be mitigated, the added overhead on the operating system retrieving the file is beyond the scope of SAN technology, and is impacted by file fragmentation.

How are companies addressing this? Some simply ignore the issue, believing that because of the inherently high performance of SANs, defragmenting offers little or no benefit.

Others assume that SAN or virtualization vendors address the issue with features within their offerings. However, while some SAN vendors offer tools that work within their proprietary SAN file systems, none of these tools address local disk file fragmentation.

These wrong assumptions cause many to simply ignore the problem – a tactic that is not an option in today’s business environment. Companies need to defragment their SAN to achieve a noticeable improvement in system performance.”

And read the following SAN testimonial:

“Do I consider Diskeeper a vital tool on our network? Without a doubt.

I have been in situations in years past where large SAN arrays failed due to file system corruption. Once at that point, recovering info from the actual units is pointless and all you can do is pray that the Backup Administrators did their job. Since those times I have made it a point to ensure that the file system fragmentation is kept to a minimum, with the added bonus of being able to detect initial corruption earlier.

After running Diskeeper on various servers in multiple configurations, I never had to worry about file system performance degradation. That in itself makes the product worthwhile. It is also why I make sure that we renew our licenses each year.

Sometimes the hallmark of a software is how often you use it. With Diskeeper, its hallmark is that it does a fantastic job after setting it once and letting Diskeeper do what it does best, without further user interaction.”

Shem Boduch
Sr. System & Network Administrator
University of Chicago

Need  a copy of the white paper? Additional testimonials? Let me know. I’ll get them to you.


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Paradigm Shift

by Michael 27. October 2009 10:49

If you are a Diskeeper Maintenance customer, keep an eye open for an email from Diskeeper Corporation with some exciting news. Emails are going out this week through next.


Undelete for Windows 7 / Server 2008r2 - more info

by Michael 26. October 2009 08:55

Our developers are currently working on updating Undelete 2009 to support Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008r2. We expect the update to be available in early-to-mid December 2009. If no major changes are required, it should release in the early part of that month. If we discover a need to make more significant changes to Undelete, we'll run a field test, and release sometime later that month.

I run Server 2008r2 as my main production system and have been running early versions of Undelete for several months - without experiencing any major issues. So, I'm optimistic we'll get this update out soon. 

Update: Support for Windows Server 2008r2 and Windows 7 is available. Log in to your account and download the new build:


Did You Know?

by Anthony 25. October 2009 16:35

Are you a VAR, System Integrator with a VL customer that’s on the fence about upgrading their site’s 2008 Diskeeper copies to 2009?

I recommend giving our Sales Managers a call.

They’re experts at working with you and your customers to find solutions that benefit all.

Would a conference call with one of our technical staff help? How about a copy of the latest trialware? Or DPAN (Disk Performance Analyzer for Networks)? A testimonial or two from our customers?

Let us know. We’ll take care of it.





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