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New Undelete Update (build 163) available

by Michael 20. January 2010 12:17

The update to Undelete 2009 to support Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008r2 is available. It also includes some general fixes.

I recommend going to your Account Page and downloading from there.



Undelete | Updates | Windows 7

Undelete for Windows 7 / Server 2008r2 - certified internally

by Michael 15. January 2010 06:43

The Undelete update that adds support for Win7 and Server 2008r2 has certified internally. It's now a matter of routing and uploading the software. Expect it to be available on your Diskeeper Account page early next week.



Channel | Undelete | Updates | Windows 7

Diskeeper 2010 Administrator edition released

by Michael 15. January 2010 05:48

Diskeeper 2010 Administrator is now complete and available for broad use. You can download trialware from here. For customers previously using the Release Candidate (RC), you can go to your Diskeeper Account page and download your full licensed version. We made numerous user experience enhancements from the RC.

One improved UI example is the new start page:

The new major feature in Diskeeper 2010 Administrator is the “at-a-glance” network-wide overview of disk performance and system health. This network performance dashboard includes access for more details on noted issues and ability to directly initiate tasks such as remote control, deployment, and configuration to quickly remedy the situation. The Dashboard provides important customizable alerts on systems that have:

• Low free space

• Severe file fragmentation

• Extreme paging file or meta data fragmentation

• Failures to defragment or where Diskeeper is not operational

• Product activation expiration

• Diskeeper updates available for installation

The "alerts" are now available for both computers with Diskeeper and those without it. As with prior versions of Diskeeper Administrator, "reports" continue to be available for both systems without and without Diskeeper.

Ops Manager (both MOM and SCOM) Management Packs are included with the Diskeeper Administrator full version. If you require a trial of this solution, please contact our Corporate Sales dept.


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SSD Webinar coming next month:

by Michael 13. January 2010 04:47

I'll post more about this joint webinar (i.e. date/time, links) as we get closer to the date: 

Windows 7 and Solid State Drives: Performance Myths and Facts

Presented by Microsoft & Diskeeper Corp.

What are the benefits of SSDs, above and beyond traditional hard drives? What are the myths around performance? Do file and free space fragmentation affect SSDs? How accurate are available benchmarking tools? How can you successfully work SSDs into your current customer offerings?  Join technical engineers from Microsoft and Diskeeper Corporation for this informative webinar.”


SSD, Solid State, Flash

Testing IntelliWrite

by Michael 12. January 2010 10:23

It is interesting to see the varying degrees of effort beta testers undertake. Some just kick the tires and make sure nothing obvious breaks. Others may run benchmark tools, test compatibility with production apps in production-recreated labs. Some even on production systems. Then there those, like Yu-Ji Hosokawa. Mr Hosokawa is a senior software engineer from Tokyo, Japan. When Diskeeper 2010 was in beta last fall, he decided to run side by side comparison tests to validate IntelliWrite, and he wrote a software program to automate it.

He ran tests on Windows XP and Windows 7 (below), preventing 99% of fragmentation and completing the benchmark 2-3x faster in many cases. Granted, this  environment is artificially created, but the results are compelling nevertheless. Real world results are quite similar (stay tuned for future blogs with more test routines).

Here are his results:


For those interested in duplicating these tests. Mr Hosokawa was kind enough to provide the software he wrote, including the source code! You can find it here.

The program is called IntelliWriteBench.exe. It also requires SysInternals Contig,exe program which can be found here. Contig.exe muct be located in the same directory as IntelliWriteBench.exe.  

IntelliWriteBench.exe parameters are;  


      # of parallel thread  


      # of test files  


      size of data for one file  


      # of writing times for one file  


      directory for testing  


      show status  

The default (if no parameters are selected) is: IntelliWriteBench.exe --workers 3 --files 10 --bytes 4096 --total 10000 --directory .\

Disclaimer: the software referenced on this page (with exception to Diskeeper with IntelliWrite) is not provided, guaranteed, or supported by Diskeeper Corp. Use at your own risk.



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