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Weekly IT News - 4/28/2011

by Feng 28. April 2011 06:16

Here is the weekly IT news:

 Windows 7 passes new threshold. Microsoft last Friday announced it had sold more than 350 million copies of Windows 7 in 18 months, equal to 450 copies every minute. 

Windows 8 facial recognition moves closer to reality. Microsoft is reportedly building facial recognition technology into Windows 8, potentially offering a more secure way for customers to log into their computers. 

Microsoft opens up Office 365 Marketplace beta. Without a lot of fanfare, Microsoft last week launched the Beta of the Office 365 Marketplace, its online app store for Office 365. 

Microsoft brings Xbox Kinect to Windows PCs. In an effort to breathe new life into the faltering PC market, Microsoft plans to release software that will enable developers to create Kinect-compatible apps that can run on Windows-based desktops and laptops. 

Cloud market predicted to top $241 billion by 2010. The global market for cloud computing will grow from $40.7 billion in 2011 to more than $241 billion in 2020, according to a report from analyst firm Forrester titled Sizing the Cloud. 

Amazon EC2 outage crashes websites. A major outage at Amazon's servers last week affected the services of numerous online companies that used Amazon's cloud computing services, known as Amazon EC2. 

VMware adds presentations to its suite of cloud services. VMware has acquired SlideRocket, a San Francisco-based startup whose flagship product is a SaaS application for building business presentations that are stored online. 

HP expands thin client lineup. HP has expanded its thin client product line with the addition of the HP t5740e, its first thin client to use the Windows Embedded Standard 7 Service Pack. 

Facebook tests social-buying program. Facebook began offering a deals program on Tuesday similar to the online bargains made popular by Groupon, LivingSocial and other companies. 

Google is firm on its stance on China. Google's new CEO won't change stance on China. Speaking at a business forum in Beijing, John Liu, Google's vice president for sales and operations in greater China said Google's stance on doing business in China isn't going to change because Larry Page has replaced Eric Schm


Diskeeper 2011 - Software So Evolutionary Where Can They Go From Here?

by Colleen Toumayan 26. April 2011 04:34
Diskeeper 2011 was covered on Wugnet.  Howard Sobel stated, “They introduced technology that slowed down and prevented fragmentation in Diskeeper 2010 so I thought it was impossible to improve on the concept of defrag much more. Not so! By increasing the efficiency of their algorithms, they have decreased the wear and tear on your hard disk and your computing performance while it works in the background. Decreasing the overall disk activity also decreases your electrical consumption. This may not be a huge savings on "your" electric bill but consider how much savings this amounts to in datacenters where thousands of hard disks are used. So being GREEN doesn't mean paying a penalty. In fact, the opposite is true for Diskeeper. I would go as far as declaring this the software utility "Product of the Year" if we didn't have 8 more months to go in 2011.” The full article is located here:  



Defrag | Diskeeper | IntelliWrite

V-locity 3.0 Field Testers Needed

by Michael 26. April 2011 03:08

We're looking for some IT professionals interested in getting a first look at some new technology. Testing will start in a few weeks and we have a few openings left that we need to fill. If you have a virtualization platform (e.g. Hyper-V, ESXi, XenServer, et al.) or a SAN (e.g. EMC, NetApp, Compellent et al.), we could really use your help.

If you are interested, simply fill-out a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) located here.

Fax the signed NDA to:
Fax: 818-252-5514

Please add the following to the Fax cover page:
Attn: Field Test Administrator/V-locity Field Test

Alternatively you can email the signed NDA (scan in the pages with your signature) to our Field Test administrator. Please add "V-locity Field Test" in the subject line.


Instant Defrag Makes JAWS Software 5 Times More Accessible

by karen 26. April 2011 03:02

"I am a blind reseller and consultant for people with special needs/vision impaired who use JAWS, the Windows screen reading software. I have been very pleasantly surprised with the new version 2011 of Diskeeper. It works great with our screen reading technology!Diskeeper’s Instant Defrag makes JAWS as much as 5 times more accessible.  It is very cool!I appreciate the fact that your software engineers took the time to make Diskeeper usable by blind people.  A very pretty user interface doesn’t matter to us, but when you design the product to make it usable for people with special needs, this definitely does matter.

Diskeeper works very well with no adjustments required.  The Instant Defrag, IntelliWrite, InvisiTasking and Efficient Mode are all enabled by default when we install the software. It works easily and well.I have been recommending Diskeeper to JAWS users from Portland, Maine to Perth, Australia!"

Roger R. Cusson,  Seeing Hands Enterprises Reseller / Consultant to special needs / Vision Impaired 



Faster File Access Using Diskeeper on SAN

by karen 19. April 2011 06:33
When I asked Patrick Blanche, of Hobbs+Black Architects, whether he saw good results from his use of Diskeeper, this is what he said: 

“Good results? … you mean GREAT right!  Allow me to explain,

We are an architectural business and work with many small interrelated files that can get highly fragmented, so for us using Diskeeper Server is a must to maintain our performance. For the past few years Diskeeper has been working full time on all file servers in Michigan, Arizona even Utah, and the result has been significant improvement in the user experience.  Back before Diskeeper, (a time I would rather forget) we suffered from literally days of waiting for Windows built-in defrag to try and cope with our TB size volumes.  Finally Diskeeper came along and we have seen those issues vanish.”

Then we worked up a fine case study about the performance benefits to his company and now they are deploying Diskeeper on all of their servers and workstations company-wide!  

The complete case study is located here:



Diskeeper | Diskeeper TV | InvisiTasking


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