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Webinar: Physical vs. Virtual Bottlenecks: What You Really Need To Know

by Damian 20. February 2012 07:05

Diskeeper Corporation recently delivered a live webinar hosted by Ziff Davis Enterprise. The principle topics covered were:

  • Measuring performance loss in Windows over SAN
  • Identifying client-side performance bottlenecks in private clouds
  • Expanding performance awareness to the client level
  • The greatest and often-overlooked performance issue in a virtual ecosystem

The webinar was co-hosted by:

  • Stephen Deming, Microsoft Partner Solution Advisor
  • Damian Giannunzio, Diskeeper Corporation Field Sales & Application Engineer

Don't miss out on this critical data! If you missed the webinar, you can view the recorded version online here.

Here are some additional, relevant resources:

White Paper: Diskeeper 2011: Improving the Performance of SAN Storage

White Paper: Increasing Efficiency in the IT Environment

White Paper: Inside Diskeeper 2011 with IntelliWrite

White Paper: Running Diskeeper and V-locity on SAN Devices 

Defrag software: What every little boy and girl wants under the tree...right?

by Michael 1. December 2010 06:05

Apparently some of the staff at our UK office have too much time on their hands, and filmed a fun holiday short.


Click on the images (above or below) to see Santa and a 6'7" elf and friends defragment X-Mas, load up the sleigh, and then celebrate with some kind of dance-type-thing (I don't know what else I would call it). 

Happy Holidays!

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Diskeeper is FDCC Compliant

by Michael 21. July 2010 06:08
The Federal Desktop Core Configuration (FDCC) is a security configuration mandated by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to standardize the configuration of desktop computers used by U.S. Government agencies. The Defragment software from Diskeeper has been tested to verify compliance with the FDCC under Windows XP and Windows Vista, using a SCAP validated tool with FDCC Scanner capability.
  • Diskeeper 2010 is fully functional and operates correctly as intended on systems using the FDCC under Windows XP and Windows Vista.
  • The standard installation, operation, maintenance, update of Diskeeper 2010 does not alter the configuration settings from the approved FDCC configuration. Diskeeper uses the Windows Installer Service for installation to the default "program files" directory and is able to silently install and uninstall.
  • The Diskeeper 2010 performed correctly on a standard user level account in all functional areas on both operating systems.

You can contact your Public Sector Account Representative at Diskeeper Corporation with any questions about Diskeeper 2010 FDCC compliance.

Find out more about the FDCC here.

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