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The Condusiv blog shares insight into the issues surrounding system and application performance—and how I/O optimization software is breaking new ground in solving those issues.

Experts discuss built-in defragmentation and the superior merits of Diskeeper optimization

by Dawn Richcreek 27. January 2012 09:18

Recently, there’s been a lot of talk about built-in defragging systems. Is Windows®7 the best option? In the latest issue of Processor Magazine, experts weigh in, making the case for Diskeeper’s optimization in the enterprise. Read the whole article here:

Help Your Enterprise Solve Problems Created By New Technologies

by Colleen Toumayan 8. October 2010 05:13

Much has changed in the data center, and yet much remains the same. There’s greater reliance on storage network systems, and virtualization is leveraging more performance from fewer systems.

But at the same time, the majority of server and data center storage remains based on hard drives. File fragmentation is still a concern, too. In fact, fragmentation creates even more complications in the age of SANs and VMs.  

A new article in Processor Magazine details this. Read it here.

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