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Reduced Downtime From HDD failures

by Colleen Toumayan 24. September 2010 09:30

This is from one of our customers: “The biggest benefit from Diskeeper I see is not so much in direct user experience, but rather reduced downtime from HDD failures which in turn saves me money in capital expenditures as I can squeeze more life out of my hardware. By continuously keeping the drives defragged, they don’t have to work as hard when files are accessed, and therefore don’t have to absorb the same level of wear and tear which equates to longer life with fewer replacements etc. Typically when machines leave warranty, the HDD is one of the first components to die but with Diskeeper, the HDD stay healthy and operational much, much longer so I can extend my hardware refresh cycle from 3 years to 4 or 4 ½ years and refocus my capital dollars on more strategic initiatives.

Michael Moffatt, Manager, Desktop Engineering & Operations, CenterBeam SaaS Operations

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Keeping your SSD running brilliant

by Michael 19. July 2010 10:00

I came across a cool "how to" video today. It covers steps to keep a high-end rig running three SSDs in top form. The also happens to use HyperFast as part of his toolkit.

You can check it out here:

On another note, while the author is running Diskeeper Pro Premier, if you only have SSDs in your PC, save yourself some money and just get Diskeeper Home edition with HyperFast. The features in DK Professional and Pro Premier (I-FAAST and TVE) are only useful for HDD.

I'll cover more on I-FAAST and talk about TRIM and defrag in more detail in a follow up post. You can also see this post for some test data from a joint Microsoft/Diskeeper Corporation seminar.


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