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by Colleen Toumayan 1. February 2011 05:07

Diskeeper Corporation was awarded the Gold Independent Software Vendor/Software Competency—the highest competency bestowed within the Microsoft Partner Network.

 When you achieve a gold competency, you’ll represent organizations and associated individuals that have demonstrated the highest, most consistent capability and commitment within a targeted Microsoft business solution area.”—Microsoft Partner Network Web Site 

To earn a Microsoft Gold Competency, organizations must complete a rigorous set of tests to prove their level of technology expertise, have the right number of Microsoft Certified Professionals, submit customer references and demonstrate their commitment to customer satisfaction by participating in an annual survey. The Microsoft Gold Competency signifies to the market that a company has demonstrated the highest level of skill and achievement within a given technology specialization.  

“It is  Diskeeper Corporation’s job to provide Windows users with the fastest, most reliable, longest lasting and energy efficient systems possible,” notes Derek De Vette, Diskeeper VP for Global Alliances & Partner Affairs. “Working closely with Microsoft’s Partner Network competency program ensures that our technology meets the highest standards possible for our enterprise class customers.”

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not DEad yet?

by Michael 2. January 2011 16:31

"The reports of my DE-mise have been greatly exaggerated." (or something like this) 

-Mark Twain

First off let me state this blog on Drive Extender is entirely based on rumor. While I have significant access to resources at Microsoft, none of the following statements are based on info from any person(s) I've talked about in any prior blog posts.

I do have other sources...

That source affirmed that Microsoft realizes future possibilities for DE (local/cloud storage hybrid), in a broader scale than it is used today. 

With Google Chrome OS having generated some significant buzz on the matter recently, perhaps we'll see DE revived in the future after all?

Hangin' out with Microsoft

by Michael 24. July 2009 11:18

Last week we were in New Orleans at Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference.


Diskeeper Corporation staff met with numerous Microsoft PMs and executives regarding existing and future partnership opportunities. Derek De Vette, who overseas partner relations here at Diskeeper Coporation, met with Becky Lymberis, Senior Marketing Manager, Solutions Marketing. With Small Business Servers (SBS) often tasked to do just about everything under the sun for smaller businesses, they tend to need a great deal of advanced care and maintenance. Becky had this to say about Diskeeper on the Microsoft Facebook site:  

“Diskeeper 2009 defrag products increase the productivity of the workplace and keep business systems always running at their maximum peak performance. Diskeeper is a great application for Small Business Server because it helps prevent crashes, slowdowns and sluggishness, extending the life and enhancing performance of the server—helping small businesses to be more productive. Everyone should check out this solution. It’s one of the most cost effective ways to enhance the performance of your customer’s servers.”

Find it here:

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