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Third Place? eh, we'll take it

by Michael 23. November 2010 12:16

We didn't win the 2010 Windows IT Pro Editor's Choice for Best System Utility this year (we won last year). While we lost out to a couple consumer/small-biz software suites, we're the only awarded enterprise system performance solution of the group (a group that encompasses various non-competitive products), so we're content with Bronze. You can read the full article here

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Windows IT Pro Study - Defragmentation Benefits

by Michael 19. November 2010 03:14

Windows IT Pro recently undertook a survey of users who have applied Diskeeper across their network. The purpose was to uncover the benefits achieved from this solution.

It covers points such as...

Increased hardware life, and reduction in unnecessary I/O:

Improved system stability and less crashes:

Less drive failures and data loss:

Faster backups and bootups:


Their conclusion?

“Low overhead in system resources, significant documented potential improvements in performance and reliability, along with the improved user productivity and better IT resource utilization demonstrate beyond a doubt that Diskeeper software isn’t just a “nice to have” option in your standard system configuration for the effective business IT department. It is a “must have” in order to obtain the best possible performance and ROI on your servers and workstations.”

Read the full paper here: Windows IT Pro Reliability white paper.pdf (2.10 mb)

New White Paper From Windows IT Pro

by Michael 10. April 2009 10:25

Check out the new study done by IT guru David Chernicoff on the "Impact of Fragmentation on Servers" here.

It is also posted on SlideShare here.

Testing was done on various server-based applications such as file hosting, SQL, Exchange, virtual machines, and more, with performance increases in the range of 30%+.

If you're a Server Admin or an IT consultant /VAR for a company, this paper can really help you make a solid case for getting Diskeeper into use on the company/client servers. The "bang for buck" is hard to beat.

If you subscribe to the Windows IT Pro mag, keep an eye out for the May issue which will have an insert with this paper. And, if you are heading to Tech Ed next month (in Los Angeles), you'll get a free copy of the mag with your "attendee kit". We'll be there as well, so stop by our booth.




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