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2009 Windows IT Pro Editors' Best and Community Choice Awards

by Michael 23. November 2009 05:12

Diskeeper has just been awarded the Editor's Best award (Gold) by Windows IT Pro. 

"Diskeeper does its job well. It defragments in the background without hurting system performance and doesn't require defragmentation scheduling." —Zac Wiggy, assistant editor, Windows IT Pro

"Diskeeper 2009 is loaded with features, works as advertised, and can bring the most choppy and fragmented hard drive back to silky-running smoothness." —Jeff James, editor in chief, Windows IT Pro

Diskeeper also took Silver in the Community Choice Award; recognition from users for which we are very appreciative. Our way of saying thanks will be to go right back to work and innovate more new technologies to improve your system's performance and reliability.




Inside IntelliWrite technology

by Michael 20. November 2009 07:10

Diskeeper 2010 is all about a revolutionary new technology called IntelliWrite. Never before has fragmentation prevention been a reality - until now.

So what does IntelliWrite really provide your systems?

To demonstrate its benefits, we did some tests using two identical systems to measure how much fragmentation is prevented. In these tests, lower scores are better (means less fragments on the system).

IntelliWrite with Microsoft Office:


IntelliWrite on Microsoft SQL Server:

And how much faster your computer operates (Higher scores are better):


WOW, pretty awesome!

That word [awesome] has been almost unanimously applied to Diskeeper 2010 feedback we've heard from beta testers and early adopters. 

Get the full scoop on IntelliWrite, and see more test results in the new Diskeeper 2010 white paper: Inside Diskeeper 2010 with IntelliWrite.pdf (551.60 kb)

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