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Defrag on HP EVA SANs - 45 million fragments handled

by Colleen Toumayan 12. May 2010 11:49

We have been running Diskeeper 2010 EnterpriseServer for two months on an HP EVA SAN 4000 and 4400, with 4 1TB volumes each.  

Diskeeper removed over 45 million fragments in the last two months on a specific volume that had only 15% free space, and IntelliWrite prevented 24,000 fragments. I believe that will be even better as soon as we can extend this volume to two TB. 

We see a big improvement on the backup time which came down from 48 hours to 32 now, and it’s still going down. 

I believe Diskeeper worth the price and I never had any trouble with software from Diskeeper Corporation, so that alone narrowed the field of choices. 

Jean-François Poirier
Technicien Telecommunication
Spectra Premium Industries Inc.


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Disk Performance Analyzer for Networks (DPAN) 3.0 is released

by Michael 19. April 2010 07:32

We just updated and released a new version of a popular freeware product for IT Professionals managing Windows networks. The DPAN 3.0 feature set was already included in Diskeeper Administrator 2010 release, but is now available independently (and free).  

Specifically the DPAN 3.0 free app now implements the following new features:

• Support for Windows 7 and Windows 2008 Server R2

• Support for 64-bit operating systems

• Scanning Active Directory security groups

• Improved Performance Reports consistent with Diskeeper 2010 and Diskeeper Administrator 2010

• Help that explains DPAN operation and reports

• UI and usability improvements

You can download it here




IntelliWrite boosts Lotus Domino Performance - Success Story

by Colleen Toumayan 16. April 2010 05:38

Sure I'd love to give a recommendation for Diskeeper.  We are running 2010 now with Diskeeper Administrator and so far I love the improvements. Many of our Lotus Domino servers were so busy that realtime defrag had trouble keeping up, but with the new IntelliWrite technology preventing most of the fragmentation in the first place, we finally have it under control.


The systems were running well prior to introducing Diskeeper, but we deployed the software during a project where we virtualized over 80% of our production servers.  Because of the shared storage aspect of our virtual platform I knew that fragmentation would become a serious issue if we didn't deal with it from day one.  The  Lotus Domino servers often had trouble keeping up with the fragmentation rate but most other servers did well with Diskeeper Server 2008.   

The new Diskeeper 2010 has our fragmentation in check across the boards and I couldn't be happier with it.



Josh Currier, Network Manager - Munters Americas

Amesbury, MA


Munters is the  global leader in energy-efficient air treatment solutions and restoration services based on expertise within humidity and climate-control techniques.  Munters is organized in three divisions; Dehumidification, MCS (Moisture Control Serviced) and HumiCool. Customers are served in a wide range of segments, the most important being the insurance, utilities, food, pharma and electronics industries. Manufacturing and sales are carried out via the Group’s own companies in 30 countries. The Group has approx. 4000 employees and net sales of SEK 6,650 million.


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Crazy or Smart? Inside IntelliWrite part II

by Michael 2. February 2010 05:39

A cure for cancer it is not, but in the category of performance (defrag) software, IntelliWrite is quite the bold, unorthodox step forward. Like many things new and revolutionary it is to be questioned, critiqued and qualified.

When we created IntelliWrite we had to first question the old way of doing things. Same goes for you, the user. You also need to form your own opinion on whether a new approach to eliminating fragmentation is warranted and worthwhile.

Now of course new does not necesarrily mean better, but new can, when done right change the way of things... for the better.

Our customers are our best and favorites critics. We hope we have provided you value and have earned your approval.

IntelliWrite technology is, as the name would imply, smart. Not only is it a better solution to removing fragmentation (it prevents fragmentation), but it actually self-learns; i.e. it gets smarter over time. Or perhaps more simply as one customer, who per his company policy must remain anonymous :-(, said, "crazy smart".


IntelliWrite learns how the various different applications on your system write data, much like advanced heuristic anti-virus solutions that learn "patterns" and can then proactively block new, as yet unreported, malware. IntelliWrite adapts to the applications on your system and how they write, and thereby fragment your files. That adaptive learning makes IntelliWrite increasingly more effective on your computer.  

Another part of the technology is an awareness of its surroundings. IntelliWrite automatically detects conditions where it might affect system performance and backs off, thus providing the best balance for performance – improves performance when fragmentation can be prevented and does not impact free space fragmentation when it might matter (i.e. when the available space is very low). One such easy-to-demonstrate case is on volumes with less than 2GB free space; IntelliWrite disables itself.

We began the process of securing the intellectual property rights to this revolutionary innovation prior to the release. You don't have to be a crazy Irishman to know that if you're looking for "The only way to prevent fragmentation before it happens(tm)", you've come to the right place.



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Diskeeper 2010 Administrator edition released

by Michael 15. January 2010 05:48

Diskeeper 2010 Administrator is now complete and available for broad use. You can download trialware from here. For customers previously using the Release Candidate (RC), you can go to your Diskeeper Account page and download your full licensed version. We made numerous user experience enhancements from the RC.

One improved UI example is the new start page:

The new major feature in Diskeeper 2010 Administrator is the “at-a-glance” network-wide overview of disk performance and system health. This network performance dashboard includes access for more details on noted issues and ability to directly initiate tasks such as remote control, deployment, and configuration to quickly remedy the situation. The Dashboard provides important customizable alerts on systems that have:

• Low free space

• Severe file fragmentation

• Extreme paging file or meta data fragmentation

• Failures to defragment or where Diskeeper is not operational

• Product activation expiration

• Diskeeper updates available for installation

The "alerts" are now available for both computers with Diskeeper and those without it. As with prior versions of Diskeeper Administrator, "reports" continue to be available for both systems without and without Diskeeper.

Ops Manager (both MOM and SCOM) Management Packs are included with the Diskeeper Administrator full version. If you require a trial of this solution, please contact our Corporate Sales dept.


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