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We want your feedback!

by Michael 17. December 2009 06:35

Our products have largely been built from customers (and trialware users) telling us what they need and want in new products and new versions of existing solutions. We get mountains of valuable user feedback through our employees who work directly with customers including; our sales reps, our customer service staff, and our tech support team. That all channels back to product management, and eventually over to the developers to build into new technologies.

If you have ideas or requests you'd like to see us build for you in the future there is an easily accessible way to tell us. 

A few versions back, we introduced a feature in Diskeeper. You can access it from the Menu Bar [Action - Diskeeper Feedback].

That selection will take you to our online feedback form:

There are a few drop down selection to help categorize your suggestion, and then some open fields to share your idea(s). Everyone is welcome to submit, and all ideas are reviewed.

Please do keep in mind that this is for feedback for future development, and is not a support line for assistance. Please use the standard support lines if you need immediate help.

We look forward to hearing from you. 



You CAN have your cake and eat it too

by Michael 30. October 2009 10:39

Diskeeper 2010 RTM'ed (Release To Manufacturing) earlier this week, so we celebrated with cake; a Diskeeper cake in the image of the new DVD case that is. 




Cool Customer Quote: Up to 40% System Performance Increase

by Colleen Toumayan 2. September 2009 12:18

Diskeeper has been one of our main implementation tools for any new Windows Server-based product. HBR Solutions has been using Diskeeper for nearly 8 years, and have found it to be a critical part of our system configurations.  

Our clients understand the importance of highly efficient data access, and Diskeeper Corporation has always kept their promise on making sure that the drives are always set to peak performance. Whether we run the product under a NAS, SAN or DAS, Diskeeper has proved that it can manage any type of hardware design and configuration including virtual servers.  
In the majority of our client's install base, Diskeeper has shown a substantial increase in performance once installed and configured on existing systems. The hardware is a mix of IBM Shark SAN, EMC, Dell (DAS and internal) and HP (internal).

As for the NAS, DAS an SAN results, our analysis pertains to clients who had the hardware in place and were looking at upgrading their hardware. However, once we installed and configured Diskeeper on those systems, we saw performance that went up to nearly 40% better on the same hardware platform.

We are very pleased with Diskeeper and will continue to the use their product on our future endeavors.

Steven Bond
HBR Solutions Inc
Aberdeen, NJ

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A Diskeeper story? Yes, something does come to mind:

by Colleen Toumayan 25. August 2009 10:16

Our Executive Vice President had a 3-year old Dell computer that had probably never been defragmented.  It had only 512MB of RAM and when I worked on it, it was EXTREMELY slow.  To open up MS Word had to take 10-15 seconds or more.   I installed Diskeeper Professional and let him know what I did to speed up his PC.  Much to my surprise he called me back a day later and thanked me for speeding up his PC.  He said it was quicker and the applications he opened were more responsive.   I hung up the phone in amazement. Usually the only time a user calls is when they have a problem, not to tell you how well something is working.  Obviously Diskeeper made quite an impact on him and his PC! 

Tony Laird, United Fire GroupCedar Rapids, IA 


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Achieve “Zero Downtime Migrations” with Diskeeper

by Derek 18. August 2009 10:48


Anyone can perform a network migration WITH downtime. WITHOUT downtime is another story.  If you’d like to find out how, check out The Network Migration Workbook: Zero Downtime Migration Strategies for Microsoft Networks by prominent Reseller and technical author, Karl Palachuk. Amongst the best practices in use is the full implementation of Diskeeper.

We maintain many networks and knowing Diskeeper has our back gives us peace of mind. Our installation checklist is really only comprised of monitoring the installation while the technician eats a pastry, then verifying that a few default settings. It is set-it-and-forget-it at its best.   We use and have recommend Diskeeper exclusively for over 15 years. We know it is the best of breed tool for maintaining optimal drive performance and health on all of our client servers and workstations.” -Karl Palachuck 

Advanced copies of Karl’s new book can be purchased at He also has a popular SMB blog at

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