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Techworld interviews Diskeeper Corp exec about new technology

by Michael 15. June 2009 06:30

A while back we undertook some interesting research projects. We built some high-tech tools to collect data about Windows behavior during the boot process. After analyzing that data, we realized we had a fantastic opportunity to dramatically improve system boot up for common Windows desktop platforms.

Techworld recently broke the story. You can read about it here.

You'll hear more about this new solution in the coming months as it hits the streets in popular laptop and desktop systems.



Complimentary license for "XP Mode"!

by Michael 22. May 2009 11:34

We are following suit with Microsoft, which is offering an additional complimentary license of Windows XP for users of high end Windows 7 editions. That "feature" is called XP Mode. All of our current and future products (Diskeeper, HyperFast, Undelete) will include an allowance to install a second instance of that licensed software in that XP Mode (virtual Windows XP operating system) as well. We are updating our EULA to "officially" note this, but you heard it hear "officially" as well.

If you are using the Windows 7 RC you can download the XP Mode feature and other requirements to run it here.

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In the beginning...

by Michael 21. May 2009 11:30

A long time ago in a server room far, far away there was the weekend effort of IT to "backup, reformat, restore". Alternatively one could "squeeze" all the data to the front of the disk/volume after taking the volume offline and running special utlities. This was how fragmentation used to be solved. Eventually defragmentation evolved into online Manual and eventually Scheduled tasks. That lasted for years until it evolved again to Automatic and then invisible Real Time defragmentation, for which Diskeeper 2007 through 2009 stand alone. But it is time to evolve once again, stay tuned for the sequel...



Coming Soon to a virtualization platform near you

by Michael 20. May 2009 08:01

Find out (a little bit) more here at Microsoft's Virtualization Partner site.

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What is Newskeeper?

by Michael 19. May 2009 07:36

Newskeeper is a monthly/bi-monthly print magazine published by Diskeeper Corporation. We mail it out to enterprise customers quite regularly.

It contains technical info and articles that help IT professionals better understand and use our solutions.

You can read the latest version here. A highlight in this issue is an interview with the Technical Manager (George Dzieciol) for many of our products, including the eponymous Diskeeper. In it he talks about the Titan Defrag Engine, the driving technology behind the Diskeeper 2009 EnterpriseServer edition.

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