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Diskeeper Wins Gold: Video Review of DIskeeper 2010 from Top Ten Reviews

by Colleen Toumayan 26. October 2010 06:26

Diskeeper 2010 was reviewed on Top Ten Reviews and won the Gold award.

Diskeeper offers a large list of powerful features for both general computer users and advanced experts. Diskeeper is a top performer, surpassing all the other disk defragmenter software reviewed as a result of its impressive feature set and very fast performance.

The video is also here.

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Diskeeper Corporation at Interop New York

by Colleen Toumayan 27. September 2010 09:11

Diskeeper Corporation is glad to announce exhibiting at the upcoming Interop New York show, "The Leading Business Technology Event"

The show is October 20th and 21st at the Javits Center.  Come by and see us at booth 725. We will have free trialware of Diskeeper 2010 performance software, V-locity 2.0 virtual platform disk optimizer, and Undelete 2009 real time data protection software.

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Reduced Downtime From HDD failures

by Colleen Toumayan 24. September 2010 09:30

This is from one of our customers: “The biggest benefit from Diskeeper I see is not so much in direct user experience, but rather reduced downtime from HDD failures which in turn saves me money in capital expenditures as I can squeeze more life out of my hardware. By continuously keeping the drives defragged, they don’t have to work as hard when files are accessed, and therefore don’t have to absorb the same level of wear and tear which equates to longer life with fewer replacements etc. Typically when machines leave warranty, the HDD is one of the first components to die but with Diskeeper, the HDD stay healthy and operational much, much longer so I can extend my hardware refresh cycle from 3 years to 4 or 4 ½ years and refocus my capital dollars on more strategic initiatives.

Michael Moffatt, Manager, Desktop Engineering & Operations, CenterBeam SaaS Operations

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HyperBoot side-by-side comparison video

by Michael 6. October 2009 05:05

Computerworld just printed an article about our current and future HyperBoot releases. It includes a simple video we created. The video shows two identical brand new laptops with no changes, other than adding HyperBoot to one of them. They've been set, in a loop, to continually reboot - right after completing a startup. The video begins in "real time" and then fast forwards to show the continuing improvements.

Read the article and check out the video here.

PS: we have heard significant interest from corporations and home users alike for this product, and are increasing our efforts to make it available publicly.




Diskeeper has prolonged the life of our Small Business Server by 18 months

by Colleen Toumayan 10. September 2009 07:03

From one of our customers: 

Diskeeper works 100% of the time.  After I’ve installed it I simply forget about it.   I have it running on two NAS servers and on our Microsoft Small Business Server 2003. Diskeeper has prolonged the life of our Small Business Server by 18 months.  Our hard drives are nearly full, yet Diskeeper has kept them working optimally with low disk space.  We will introduce Virtualization (replacing our SBS2003 box) into our production environment during the fourth quarter using Microsoft’s Hyper-V technology.  I have already tested your V-locity product on a non-production Hyper-V server and will incorporate it into our rollout in October. Keep up the good work! 

Al Stenner,

Director Information Services,

KRM Restaurant Group





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