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HyperBoot side-by-side comparison video

by Michael 6. October 2009 05:05

Computerworld just printed an article about our current and future HyperBoot releases. It includes a simple video we created. The video shows two identical brand new laptops with no changes, other than adding HyperBoot to one of them. They've been set, in a loop, to continually reboot - right after completing a startup. The video begins in "real time" and then fast forwards to show the continuing improvements.

Read the article and check out the video here.

PS: we have heard significant interest from corporations and home users alike for this product, and are increasing our efforts to make it available publicly.




Diskeeper has prolonged the life of our Small Business Server by 18 months

by Colleen Toumayan 10. September 2009 07:03

From one of our customers: 

Diskeeper works 100% of the time.  After I’ve installed it I simply forget about it.   I have it running on two NAS servers and on our Microsoft Small Business Server 2003. Diskeeper has prolonged the life of our Small Business Server by 18 months.  Our hard drives are nearly full, yet Diskeeper has kept them working optimally with low disk space.  We will introduce Virtualization (replacing our SBS2003 box) into our production environment during the fourth quarter using Microsoft’s Hyper-V technology.  I have already tested your V-locity product on a non-production Hyper-V server and will incorporate it into our rollout in October. Keep up the good work! 

Al Stenner,

Director Information Services,

KRM Restaurant Group




WINstant On (i.e. "Instant on" for Windows)

by Michael 18. August 2009 06:49

We posted a press release today regarding a new software innovation called HyperBoot(tm). This is a major R&D project we've been working on for some time. HyperBoot is designed to do one thing - boot up (cold boot) an HDD-based Windows system in record time. The performance results of our development effort on this project are far better than we expected going in.  

We're very excited to begin our new HyperBoot technology partnerships with netbook pioneer ASUS. Initially this arrangement will cover all ASUS netbooks and laptops running Windows XP. We've also seen overwhelming interest from many more global OEM's for this new technology.

Additional HyperBoot variations support Windows 7 systems and other storage media. As you can imagine, the hardware and software contribute significantly to the boot up peformance of a given computer. That said, we've seen Win7 platforms that, after adding HyperBoot to it, boot in under 15 seconds.

More is coming...

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