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Diskeeper is helping the "largest internal computer network in the world" run optimally

by Michael 24. February 2010 06:17

With close to 400,000 systems, the Naval Marine Corp Intranet (NMCI), managed by EDS/HP, is "the largest internal computer network in the world" and has been using Diskeeper on their systems for close to a decade now: 

"We run Diskeeper on our two production web servers and the development server that we are using to host a web-based warfare systems interface management tool. The name of the application is Warfare Interface Systems Engineering (WISE). 

I am a big fan of Diskeeper because I am all too aware of the problems that  fragmentation can cause on a system. I use it at home as well. I specifically like the feature that keeps your drives defragmented automatically via a background process that does not rely on manual defragmentation of the drives. Because I know that if you leave that up to a user or even some administrators to do, it will never get done and people will be wondering why their system performance is starting to degrade.  

Our office systems are a part of the Navy/Marine Corps Intranet and all of these systems have Diskeeper running on them as well [almost 400,000]. I know all too well this group of users in our command. I used to work IT support and they would never defrag their systems. I do some PC work on the side with home users and I see the same thing there."

Mike M, US NavyNSWC Dam Neck

Virginia Beach, VA



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V-locity success story from our neighbor up north (Oregon)

by Colleen Toumayan 19. August 2009 09:11

I am enjoying V-locity. It has made a difference in performance, especially with some of my virtual machines.

One major feature I like is the built-in functionality to compact the VHD files. My hard drive was running low on space, but I knew my virtual machines weren’t using that much and V-locity told me which virtual hard drives to compact. I did that and it freed up a lot of space.  

We are running NextGen HER (Electronic Medical Records ) which generates hundreds of files daily, but we don’t have to worry because every night V-locity puts them in their place! The speed of our virtual guests and hosts and increased dramatically as well as our biggest file server that serves 170 users.  I also like how unobtrusive V-locity is… I don’t even notice that it is there really. I am excited to see Diskeeper [Corporation] on the cutting edge! 

Chris G., System Administrator, Northwest Human Services

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Going Virtual - faster and more reliably

by Michael 29. May 2009 04:44

Here is a cool success story I thought I'd share:

"We find Diskeeper to be vital and we use it for our virtual servers (VMware) as well.  We redirect our user desktops and My Documents folders to network shares and have found the response times improved quite a bit after defragging the virtual server.   We also found that it cuts the time needed to perform a P2V (convert physical machines to virtual) by about 90% if the physical server is defragged beforehand.  Case in point, we had a few physical Citrix servers that simply did not want to P2V but simply worked as expected after defrag and very quickly. Thank you Diskeeper."

Turner Padget Graham and Laney,

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