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New V-locity White Paper

by Michael 24. September 2009 08:26

Optimizing the disks of virtual platforms is an absolute must for performance. Typically even more so than on physical platforms.

Topix Technologies, an IT Analyst group out of Paris, France recent completed a study about the effects of fragmentation on the modern virtual infrastructure. They used V-locity to restore performance to the high service levels IT departments and providers are required to deliver. Check out the performance results in the chart below or read the full report here.




V-locity success story from our neighbor up north (Oregon)

by Colleen Toumayan 19. August 2009 09:11

I am enjoying V-locity. It has made a difference in performance, especially with some of my virtual machines.

One major feature I like is the built-in functionality to compact the VHD files. My hard drive was running low on space, but I knew my virtual machines weren’t using that much and V-locity told me which virtual hard drives to compact. I did that and it freed up a lot of space.  

We are running NextGen HER (Electronic Medical Records ) which generates hundreds of files daily, but we don’t have to worry because every night V-locity puts them in their place! The speed of our virtual guests and hosts and increased dramatically as well as our biggest file server that serves 170 users.  I also like how unobtrusive V-locity is… I don’t even notice that it is there really. I am excited to see Diskeeper [Corporation] on the cutting edge! 

Chris G., System Administrator, Northwest Human Services

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