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SMB Nation Time

by Anthony 30. September 2009 14:44


It's time for SMB Nation, with Harry Brelsford moving the caravan of VAR's to Las Vegas after 6 years in Seattle and its environs.

This year's event will focus on Windows 7, the impact of social media, SMB VoIP and whatever else comes up during the impromptu hallway meetings that frequently occur.

Will there be a server build party? The real question is; how can you call it a party without a server build?

Jim Locke and the SMBTN group will be on hand and are  sponsoring a couple of pre-day (Friday, Oct 1) training certification events for Trend Micro and Speakeasy.

And we'll be on hand hinting and nudging our upcoming release, Diskeeper 2010. We're planning on shaking things up with this one. Here's something to chew on, "Diskeeper 2010 addresses the cause of fragmentation and prevents up to 85% and more of the fragmentation that has long plagued every hard disk. This technology is unavailable anywhere else, and nothing else comes close." 

Want to find out more? Come see me at the show. I'll be holding the torque wrench during the server build.


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