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IntelliWrite and SQL DBCC false positives - Technical Bulletin

by Michael 10. December 2009 07:34

For SQL DBA's (only):

Diskeeper 2010 with IntelliWrite currently has an issue where Database Consistency Check (DBCC) commands report problems with the database (though no actual problems exist). I guess it could be described as a "false positive" or "false alarm".

The issue is specifically that IntelliWrite's timing in expanding a file changed what the consistency check was expecting. Thereby DBCC incorrectly reports consistency errors. Turning off IntelliWrite makes the alerts go away. Then running DBCC confirms that no errors actually occurred.

So while the issue is very minor (no actual problem) major "problem indicators" do get set off, making for a potentially very unpleasant experience for a DBA. Something we apologize for. 

On a positive note, we've repro'ed the issue and already have a fix. We're starting a field test tomorrow (on Friday, Dec. 10th). The fix should be broadly available later next week or early the following week (depending on how quickly the field test completes). If anyone is interested in testing this patch, you can contact Diskeeper at

Until the fix is available, disabling IntelliWrite on a SQL database volume corrects the false alarms.

Lastly, I do want to add that this is the only common reported issue we have seen with IntelliWrite - it is an extremely stable and reliable technology. The software update that will come only needs to fix the issue discussed in this post.


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Comments (3) -

12/12/2009 9:08:07 AM #

Thanks for posting this alert. I'm anxiously awaiting the update.

DBAdass United States

1/7/2010 3:47:04 AM #


When will the update be available?


Jane United Kingdom

1/7/2010 11:13:07 PM #

Actually it already is:

You can re-login to your Account page and get the new full version, or simply run Diskeeper's Check For Updates and install the update.

Michael United States

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