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V-locity 3.0 Full Support for vSphere 5.0, in part for Citrix XenServer, and more...

by Michael 29. September 2011 09:16

Here's what's new in V-locity 3.0.9 (update) which will be broadly available next week: 

1. Full support for all V-locity features on vSphere 5.0.

2. Support for V-locity Guest installation on VMs hosted on Citrix XenServer. All optimization technology and features present in the V-locity Guest software, such as V-Aware, CogniSAN, IntelliWrite, Space Reclamation, are supported. Note: The only missing feature on Citrix XenServer is the availability of a "Host Agent" (which automatically informs the V-locity Guest component about the virtual disk types - e.g. snapshot, sparse disk, etc...). This is planned for a future release. In the interim, manual configuration may be required.

3. Fixed a rare problem with V-locity service crashing when installed on a non-boot volume or when installed to a short path.

4. Fixed a problem with connection data disappearing from Host Agent.

5. Fixed an MMC crash when remote connecting to V-locity Guest while local UI already open.

6. Fixed a warning message when opening multiple Guest UI instances.

7. Fixed some UI issues that cut-off text for English, Japanese, German and French. 

8. Improved the Installation instructions to provide additional recommendations and information. 



Samsung demonstrates ExpressCache (aka Fast Start) at BUILD

by Michael 21. September 2011 06:09

Samsung (the provider of the Win8 tablets that were given away to all attendees) also did a demonstration of ExpressCache at the Microsoft BUILD conference last week.

Their booth, which was at the front of the EXPO, showed many machines with ExpressCache on them and also had a demo table set up with 3 machines.

o   System with a HDD only

o   System with SSD and HDD ExpressCache (8GB SSD)

o   System with SSD only (128GB SSD)

There was a button to push, on the counter top display, that started all of the notebooks up at the same time and then auto-launched an application. The ExpressCache system smoked the HDD notebook and was almost as fast at the large (128GB) SSD-only system. And, it offered a large capacity HDD as well.

The demo proved that, for a fraction of the price of buying a large SSD, you can get all the performance that SSDs offer with ExpressCache technology (and still store all your stuff).



10 things you can do to boost PC performance (by TechRepublic)

by Michael 20. September 2011 08:43

IT professional and author, Justin James of TechRepublic published a top 10 list of ways to speed up your PC. Number 9 was one very familar to us:

"9: Defrag. Defragging your hard drives is a great way to get some more performance. While modern Windows systems automatically defrag on a regular basis, I’ve found that the Windows defragging is fairly unaggressive. We’ve reviewed a lot of different defrag apps here at TechRepublic. I suggest that you check out your alternatives and find one that does a better job for you."

Their findings mimic what we see with many of our business customer seeking to maximize Windows 7 performance. The built in defragmenter sounds like an attractive option at first, but closer inspection and testing clearly demonstrates significant value (better ROI) in advanced third party optimization technology. 

Read the whole article here: 


Diskeeper | Windows 7

The NEW Diskeeper Corporation Support Forum

by Michael 19. September 2011 06:01
The Diskeeper Corporation Web Department is happy to announce the launch of our new online support forum.  

This site is located on our website at: 

Customers, trialware users and any interested parties are all welcome to come to the site and look around or even join up and submit/contribute. Its purpose is to help you get the information you need to maximize the benefits of our solutions, so we look forward to chatting with you through this new portal.

You can read the overview and rules of the fourm here:


New Samsung Series 7 GAMER Notebook PC Launches with ExpressCache technology

by Michael 17. August 2011 08:52

Diskeeper Corporation has teamed up with Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd for the global launch of ExpressCache™ intelligent SSD caching technology. Samsung is the first OEM to announce public deployment of ExpressCache, premiering it in their new Series 7 GAMER notebook PC at the World Cyber Games (WCG) in Germany.

"There is a huge, measurable performance boost with ExpressCache technology installed in Samsung''s new Series 7 GAMER notebook PC," notes Diskeeper EVP for Technology, Mr. Paul Raphael. "While the top gamers will be the first to experience it, anyone with high performance computing needs can benefit from ExpressCache technology implementation. We''re thrilled to have the privilege and opportunity to launch it worldwide with Samsung first."

ExpressCache intelligent SSD caching technology is licensed to OEMs to provide PC users with significant reduction in boot times and lightning fast launches of application and frequently accessed data files. This software technology coupled with a small Solid State Drive (SSD) and HDD provides the look, feel and responsiveness of pure SSD systems, at a fraction of the cost. By placing it in the Samsung Series 7 GAMER, ExpressCache delivers incredible performance even for the most demanding applications and games:

"With the Series 7 GAMER we have delivered a notebook PC offering the ultimate performance and incredible gaming features," said Kyuho Uhm, Senior Vice President of the IT Solutions Business at Samsung Electronics. "The market for specialized gaming products is extremely discerning, so it is a challenge to provide a gaming notebook PC that can compete with desktop PCs. Despite all the challenges, we have created a product of the highest standard that appeals directly to gamers'' true passions, which can be met at the turn of a dial to deliver optimum performance for a wide variety of different activities."

For further information on ExpressCache intelligent SSD caching technology, go to



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