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Caching Is King

Caching technology has been around for quite some time, so why is Condusiv’s patented IntelliMemory® caching so unique that it outperforms other caching technology and has been licensed by other top OEM PC and Storage vendors? There are a few innovations...

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$2 Million Cancelled

CHRISTUS Health cancelled a $2 Million order. Just before they pulled the trigger on a $2 Million storage purchase to improve the performance of their electronic health records application (MEDITECH®), they evaluated V-locity® I/O reduction software. We actually...

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Storage Abstraction, and What it Means to You

I felt compelled to write a little bit about this subject after reading recently about some new updates to software SANs. The glamour of the virtual platform layers and Cloud have somewhat overshadowed all of the virtualization already occurring within storage, and...

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