This is the best version we've ever done by a longshot. Almost everything in Diskeeper 10 has been improved. The first thing users will notice is an improved user interface which is easier to use and provides even more robust reports on disk health, real-time performance and fragmentation statistics. In Diskeeper 10, we're also announcing I-FAAST (Intelligent File Access Acceleration Sequencing Technology), the first successful implementation of Disk Performance Calibration technology. I-FAAST will improve file access times for frequently used files by an average of 10-20% (but sometimes by as much as 80%). Keep in mind this boost is in addition to defragmenting files! Diskeeper 10 really has been designed for today's enrivonment of spiraling storage device capacity. Diskeeper handles bigger drives and bigger files – faster than ever before. Diskeeper 10 also more thoroughly defragments free space and works better in low free space environments. Users will also find that we've made Diskeeper 10 even less intrusive. In version 10 we have improved I/O Smart, which allows Diskeeper to defragment in the "spaces" between normal disk I/O requests. -Paul