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Independent performance testing on fragmentation?

by Helpdesk 9. November 2005 02:47
Once and a while I'm asked for independent studies on the performance effects of disk fragmentation. There are some excellent studies out there. Diskeeper Corporation recently sponsored a paper done by Windows IT Pro. Their writer, Joe Kinsella, actually developed his own test tools in order to do a very thorough fragmentation performance study: Besides the recent study we sponsored, there are a bunch of other independent studies in existence. A quick Google search yields a Harvard University study on UNIX: I was unable to find a university study on Windows. I imagine Universities are probably less interested in studying the effects of fragmentation on FAT and NTFS, because it's generally considered common knowledge that file fragmentation hurts their performance. Once in a while a media source does in-depth fragmentation testing as part of a review, such as this PC Mag article:,1895,1591466,00.asp The non-profit organization National Software Test Lab (NSTL) has also done performance tests on fragmentation: - Paul



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